Buildings (gold producing structures) are the main source of passive income in the game. They generate gold over time. Each building has its own GPS (Gold per Second). And your global gold production depends on how much buildings of every type you have. Gold production can be further boosted by numerous researches, upgrades, global skills and amulets.

10 types of buildings are currently available in the game. Only 6 of them (Gold pan, Sluice box, Pick, Rocker, Trolley and Dredge) are available from the very beginning. Other 4 buildings (Mine, Pit, Cyborg plant and Alchemist hut) can be unlocked by completing challenges.

Buildings Researches Edit

All buildings except the very first one (Gold pan) should be researched to appear in the buildings menu and become available for purchase. Initial cost of a building research is the same as a basic building cost and you should have at least half of this amount in bank (which means on hand) for the research to become visible. Once the research appears under researches tab it will stay there even if you spend some gold on other buildings/upgrades.

For example Sluice box costs 60 gold. It means that initial price of Sluice box is also 60 gold and you should have at least 30 gold to reveal it under researches tab.

Cost Progression Edit

Every next building is 20 percent more expensive than previous one by default. This multiplier can be reduced by the Cheaper Buildings global skill.

So the logic behind building's price is following:

$ \text {Price} = \text {Base cost} \times M^N $
where M is price multiplier. 1.2 (20 percent) by default. Can be reduced down to 1.15 (15 percent) by Cheaper Buildings global skill.
N is number of buildings already owned.

Price always rounds up to the nearest positive integer.

Science Edit

Buildings are very tightly tied with science. In fact every research either unlocks the building or updates its gold production/special ability.

Production researches Edit

Currently there are 6 levels of production researches for every type of building. Each level of production research multiplies building's base production by the certain number. For example first level of production research multiplies building's base production by 2, second level by 3, third level by 4 and so on. These multipliers stack, so result multiplier will be:

$ 2 \times 3 \times 4 \times 5 \times 6 \times 7 = 5040 $

Next level of production research becomes available at the certain number of purchased buildings of this type:

Number of buildings Level of production research
5 buildings 1 level
25 buildings 2 level
50 buildings 3 level
100 buildings 4 level
200 buildings 5 level
300 buildings 6 level

Special ability researches Edit

Unlike production researches, special abilities are unique for every building. They can do literally anything from increasing GPS and GPC to shortening researches time.

There are 5 levels of special ability researches. Availability of the next level also depends on the number of purchased buildings of this type:

Number of buildings Level of special ability research
15 buildings 1 level
35 buildings 2 level
75 buildings 3 level
155 buildings 4 level
315 buildings 5 level

Buildings Edit

Icon Name & Description Base price Base production Special Ability
GoldPanBig icon

Gold Pan

Gold Pan is a most simple way to extract gold from sand and gravel

10 0.1 Doubles pan production for every 30 pans owned
SluiceBoxBig icon

Sluice Box

Sluice Box is more sofisticated way to recover gold from water

60 0.5 Sluice box gets +1 gold production for every 20 sluice boxes owned
PickBig icon


Pretty simple still effective mining tool

420 2.5 Each pick increases basic clicking power by 5 gold
RockerBig icon


Rocker helps to separate alluvial placer gold from sand and gravel

3800 16 Each rocker increases basic production of pans and sluice boxes by 5%
TrolleyBig icon


You need trolley to transport gold

45000 112 Each trolley increase basic trolley production by 0.1 for every pick owned
DredgeBig icon


Dredge extracts gold from sand and dirt using water and mechanical methods

700000 970 +5% to Dredge and +20% to Rocker gold production per Dredge owned
MineBig icon


Gold mine allows you to extract even more gold from the ground

14.5 Million 10000 Each Mine increases basic Mine production by 1 for every critical click made
PitBig icon


Open-pit is a surface mining technique of extracting gold from earth

390 Million 140000 Each pit increases basic gold production of all buildings by 1%
CyborgPlantBig icon

Cyborg Plant

Cyborg plants raise robots that can dig even more gold than humans

13 Billion 2.5 Million Each cyborg plant increases GPC multiplier by 1 percent
AlchemistHutBig icon

Alchemist Hut

Creating, transmutating and purifying your gold. Cheap prices. Quality assurance!

530 Billion 50 Million Each alchemist hut decreases science time by 0.5 percent